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Carpentry Work

Estimate Guide

At Eco Woodworks, we are dedicated to more than just crafting exceptional carpentry projects; We are committed to building trust and fostering open communication with our clients. Understanding the intricacies of the estimation process can be the key to a successful partnership, & that's why we believe in transparency from the very start.

Our goal is to empower you, our valued clients, with the knowledge & information you need to make well-informed decisions about your carpentry projects. In this section, we will take you through our comprehensive estimation process, giving you a clear and straightforward overview of how we work, ensuring that you have the confidence to proceed with your project.

Your time & resources are important, & we believe that by being upfront about our process and pricing, we can save you both! Welcome to Eco Woodworks, where transparency & your satisfaction are our top priorities!

Our Process

We've developed a unique process with the intent of providing clarity on pricing, while saving you valuable time & resources. 


Free Intitial Consult

However you get in contact with us, your carpentry journey begins with us reaching out to you to schedule your free initial consultation.


Once an appointment has been set up, our consultation team will meet with you on site to discuss the extent of your project. This site visit helps us grasp the scope of work, while allowing you to meet with a portion of our team and asking any questions you might have about us. It's a two-way exchange, fostering trust. Our aim by the end of the meeting is to have a clear project vision and a confident partnership– a crucial first step toward turning your carpentry ideas into reality.


Full Estimate & Design

Our full estimate is where your carpentry project takes shape with precision, covering not only costs but also essential design aspects. This stage is pivotal in providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your project's scope and expenses.

During the full estimate process, we work collaboratively with trusted suppliers to obtain precise product costs. These costs factor in materials, components, and any design elements you’ve requested. We delve into all the specifics, from labor to design intricacies, ensuring every aspect of your project is considered, and verified with you. Our in-depth calculations offer you a transparent breakdown of all components, ensuring that your project's aesthetic and functional aspects are all accounted for.

With this estimate, you have a clear understanding of your project's scope, costs, and a timeline on how long it will take to complete. All of this is meant to empower you to move forward with confidence in our capable hands.


Preliminary Estimate

It may seem odd that we have a two part estimation system, but we do things in this way to save you time and money. We have learned from past experiences that relying on a single estimate can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties when projects turn out to be more complex or costly than anticipated.


This rough estimate sets realistic expectations and enables us to part ways amicably if, for any reason, the project doesn't align with your budget or goals. It comes with a much smaller fee than a full estimate, and is not legally binding. 

Our aim is to ensure transparency, foster informed decision-making, and create a partnership built on trust and mutual understanding. The preliminary estimate is your starting point in this journey, allowing you to take the first step with confidence.


Bringing the Vision to Life

All the steps we've discussed so far are integral to ensuring your carpentry project is executed seamlessly, but the real magic happens afterward.


With the planning and estimating phases behind us, we can now roll up our sleeves and get to work crafting the various components for your project. Each project varies substantially based on each client's needs. However, most include the removal of old hardware, a repairs or replacement process, an installation piece, & a final appointment to go over care/maintenance, & to address any final questions you may have.

Starting and finishing your project is the culmination of careful planning, precise estimation, and expert craftsmanship. We take pride in delivering not just a completed project but a lasting solution that brings joy and functionality to your space. Your vision is our passion, and our goal is to exceed your expectations at every step of the way.

Building the Full Estimate

This is the break down of our the billable hourly rates for each work component. Our aim is to empower you with a clear understanding of how your investment is allocated, so that you can make an informed decision.

Detailed Estimate

$125 per hour

Using our initial consultation and preliminary estimate as a starting point, we use this stage to get a more precise and accurate breakdown of what goes into your project-such as material and labor costs- & communicate those to you in the interest of transparency.

Project Management

$125 per hour

Project management tasks are anything concerning project flow, & are crucial for a smooth project execution. This might include scheduling, follow ups with you as a client, ordering materials, office time, phone calls, project supervision, & communication with suppliers.

Shop Services & Millwork

$145 per hour

This covers work done in our shop. Includes but is not limited to milling raw materials, creation of designed pieces, & other basic labor in the shop.


$125 per hour

Not all projects include a design element. But if yours does, this might include sketches, drafts, 3D renderings, prototypes, product samples, &/or models.

Site Work & Carpentry

$100 per hour

Covers any tasks done on-site. Includes but is not limited to on-site demo, removal, installation, craftsmanship, as well as porting of tools & equipment.

Prep, Painting, & Finishing

$100 per hour

Covers costs associated with surface preparation & finish. Includes but is not limited to sanding, priming, puttying, applying top coat, touch ups, & any other necessary pre or post painting work.

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