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Historical Sites & Homes

A home does more than simply shelter its residences. It speaks of the lives that reside within. 

Image by Soroush Karimi

It's What We Do


Since the built environment represents an interactive piece of cultural history, we at Eco Woodworks like to think of ourselves as the caretakers of that history. 

Historic homes, in particular, hold a special place in our hearts. We believe a home does more than shelter its residence; It speaks of the lives that reside within. That ability is only amplified in historic homes, which have housed generations of people. The time spent by those who came before us is visible in a home's structure. Having & maintaining that tangible link is important to us. We take great pride in stabilizing those connections we have to the past, & hope they can link us to the future.


Restoring a historic home may seem like a daunting task, but we assure you that it is a feasible & even reasonable investment to make. It’s environmentally practical in that it reduces waste & increases energy efficiency. It also increases the value of a home in ways that are less reliant on economic trends than modern alternatives, while amplifying the character of the house. In other words, it’s a stable & reliable investment.


For those reasons, among others, this service is at the forefront of our operations. With two decades of experience, we’ve earned a reputation for our work on historic homes. We work within the Secretary of Interior Federal guidelines for the Treatment of Historic Properties to rehabilitate, preserve, reconstruction, or otherwise restore the integrity & authenticity of historic sites. Whether it’s restoring a broken piece of wood furniture or bringing back an entire home from the brink, we love the challenge historic homes bring.

Additional Resources for Historic Homes

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