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Meet The Crew

The Eco Woodworks crew is a dedicated group who share in the company’s core values. From design to production, finish to installation, our team works together to create pieces that reflect the best of us.


Eco Woodworks Founder

I founded Eco Woodworks because I wanted to build a place where like minded passionate & skilled craftsmen could dedicate themselves & their skills to sustainable building practices.

Though some would label me a boss, I like to think of myself more as a leader. Over the years I have worked side by side with my crew members to design & create an array of custom pieces that have exceeded client expectations. 

I believe we are caretakers of the planet & each other. My goal in life is to contribute to that by providing a work environment where people can grow & develop their craft & where I can practice sustainability while utilizing that same craft. Pursuing these goals is where a lot of my personal joy & fulfillment come from.

Outside of Eco Woodworks, I'm a member of the Cherokee tribe & a father to two wonderful boys. Having such a wonderful family is one of the greatest privileges in my life.


In Shop Lead

I was a tree faller for a few seasons, worked in wood mills for a few years, & I’ve been at Eco Woodworks for over ten years now. Taking that particular path was a really great experience, because it gave me the opportunity to be a part of all aspects of the woodworking process.


I joined Eco Woodworks in particular because of their emphasis on restoration. I had started working on older buildings in early life, & always wanted to keep that up. Being able to preserve old homes & maintain the craftsmanship of our people are the best parts of working here. I love curating here and for our customers. 

I was born & raised in Morton Washington. I have one kid daughter & four other not-my-kids who I love as if they were my own. I have a cat named disco, and a lot of chickens. My ultimate goal in life is to be happy, & I work towards that goal by feeding my family organic home grown food, using less plastic, leaving a trail of beauty behind me, & doing my best to raise a great daughter. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, creating stained glass, woodworking, living off the grid, & sitting in hot water- or hot tubbing as most people call it.



On Site Lead

I grew up in the Boston Harbor area where I spent my time building log forts, fires, & growing a relationship with the forest that has persisted into every aspect of my adult life.

While I was in high school, I expanded my life skill set by working on the Cannery Ranch in Boston Harbor, learning many of the bases of knowledge for the trades & my growing love for gardening, farming, & woodwork. I was able to operate a wood mill while at the farm, & did many small projects while growing up there. I now live out on Woodard Bay Creek in my recently completed tiny house, tending to my growing vegetable garden & the forest there.

My interest in woodworking grew into a passion during my year break between high school & college working on trails in the Hoh Rainforest. I have always been enamored with the abundance & beauty of our forests & mountains in Washington, but that year cemented my pathway of working with wood for good. During that time I became familiar with traditional methods of building, using material directly from the land! I have rarely experienced something more gratifying. To be able to respect the life of the trees, & use them to make something lasting, beautiful, & functional is truly an honor, & also the core ethos of Eco Woodworks!

I've been a part of the team since mid-2016, which has given me the opportunity to be apart of crazy projects-with many more soon to come!



Shop & On-Site Assistant

I grew up in the shop. My Dad’s the Founder, & over the years that’s allowed me to make a lot of different things for myself & the people I care about. When I was a kid I would make wooden swords. Since then I’ve made dining tables, coffee tables, furniture, & worked on houses. I’ve always been really proud of the work I do, & I try to make it the best possible.


But while I’ve made a lot of things through the shop, I wasn’t officially working full time for Eco Woodworks until I graduated from the University of Washington in Spring of 2020. I really like being a part of the crew. It’s a lot of good experience that I hope to be able to utilize to one day open my own furniture shop. 

Outside of woodworking, I like to make art through photography & play video games. I grew up in Tumwater, but I’ve travelled as far as Germany & Canada. My fiance & I have two great cats, Evie & Casper. If she asks, I'd like to keep it that way. Dogs are a lot more work. 



I am new to the team, having joined late in 2021, but I had worked in the shop a handful of times before I joined the team. My fiancé, Kollee, is Dave King’s son (Eco Woodworker’s Founder) & so my path to Eco Woodworks started with that relationship. Over the years we had been to the shop to work on several personal projects, & watching someone like Kollee work, you gain a lot of respect for the field.


It was through falling in love with Kollee & seeing him at work, that I eventually fell in love with woodworking itself. I am continually in awe watching those who have been doing this kind of work their whole lives. It is an art form, one which I am grateful to be able to support on the administrative side of things. The opportunities Eco Woodworks provides for growth, development, compassion, & collaboration never seem to run dry, & for that I am grateful.

Outside of work, I like to read, work in my garden, play on my switch, take photos, & make other forms of art. Kollee & I have two cats together, & with some convincing on my part, I am hoping to add a dog to our small family sometime soon.