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Mantel & Millwork Manufacturing

Give your home a cost effective beauty infusion!

Carpenter at Work

Highlight or Hide Features


We utilize molding & mantels to hide any imperfections in a house, and highlight all it's best features. A mantel above the fireplace does so while providing an excellent spot to place family photos, interesting art, your television (concealed or revealed), a mirror, or a place to hang your stockings.

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Millwork provides a low cost way to cover wall damage, give insulation, protect your walls, or compliment your architectural look. It’s also economical, in that it’s a fairly cost effective way to create beauty, & it increases the value of your home. Whatever your molding needs might be, we are able to manufacture custom tooling, which allow us to recreate your existing millwork, or bring your wildest millwork dreams to life with ease. From baseboards, trim, crown moldings, window/door castings, & wainscoting, we’ve got you covered. 

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