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We're proud of the work we do and the connections we're able to make along the way. But don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients have to say:


Dear Dave , the Eco WoodWorks Team,

Kelly and I want to thank you for your excellent work on our historic Olympia house.  Your countless hours in reviewing our needs, planning the project, performing the work, and your constant communication with us was greatly appreciated.  We couldn't be happier with the outcome of your services.  We appreciate your skill at planning the multiple phases of the (by my count) nine different projects you undertook on our behalf.  You really kept us informed at every stage of the project, and we especially appreciated your discussion of the costs and benefits relating to the many alternatives for each of our projects.  Your advice on priorities and cost-effective solutions really helped us understand and develop a workable plan for this undertaking.   Each of our projects, including the four panel wood-framed slider, rehabbed windows, new windows, rehabbed existing doors, replacement window sashes, deck storm doors/screens, and misc. woodworking projects, came out beautifully.  I’m happy to report that our neighbors have commented on how nice everything looks.  And, we're happy to report that our winter heat bill dropped by about $150/mo. It was a pleasure working with you and we'll be giving you a call when we're ready to move forward with some additional projects. Again, thanks for your service.

- Richard R.


Dave & Eco woodworks Team

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the craftsmanship and care you all created are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your professionalism and customer service. This project has improved the quality of life for the Cummings family. Thank you happy thanksgiving!

- Joshua C.


My apologies for not being in the dialogue as often as I'd like these days. We're still getting into the swing of things! I wanted to write you specifically today to say how impressed and delighted I have been, consistently, in the working with your team. You have a special group of thoughtful, conscientious, kind, and respectful people. We are so grateful to have found your business to be not only honorable and exceptional in terms of the quality of work produced but also efficient and stress free with the craftsmen you have employed. Thank you for upholding such a standard of integrity on all fronts, and please keep doing whatever it is you are doing... It's producing fine results.  


- Marieke


Hello again Dave,


Hey: not sure I mentioned it directly to you: THANK YOU FOR A GREAT JOB!!!!!!! We both appreciate your crew's great work. (I for one am a connoisseur of fine craftsmanship: if you want to see the approximate analogue of your work in the auto restoration field, come by anytime to my shop. I doubt you'll be disappointed) Thanks again

- Charles K.


Hi Dave,


Just sticking a check in the mail to you today. I wanted to let you know that your guys, Eric and Jeremy did a fantastic job replacing the sliding glass door. They showed up when they said they would. They let me know there was a bit of touch up painting left to do (very minor). The door looks great. They left the site clean. My tenants are thrilled that they can keep the house warm now. They delivered the old doors here for my greenhouse project. Everybody’s happy. Thanks for running a stellar small business with high work standards.


- Joanne L.


Mark Rentfrow and his wife purchased a classical revival home in Olympia’s South Capitol neighborhood in 2007. While beautiful, the house was expensive to heat due to an antiquated heating system that used oil. Insulation was minimal and winters were cold. Mark had two goals in mind when he purchased the home. First, he wanted to lower his carbon footprint by making his home green through energy upgrades. And second, he wanted to register his home on Olympia’s Historic Home Registry. Some may say the goals were incompatible, but Mark learned that they are, in fact, complimentary. Mark’s first step towards a green historic home was scheduling a Thurston Energy Home Plus Energy Evaluation. Thurston Energy* connected Mark with a trained energy expert who evaluated his home’s energy performance, using high-tech diagnostics such as blower door tests and infrared photos that identified air leaks and heat loss. Mark’s home received a numerical Energy Performance Score (EPS), and Mark received a cost-effective strategy to improve his home’s energy efficiency. Jennifer Kenny is an Associate Planner with the City of Olympia and a member of the Olympia Heritage Commission.  She works with homeowners, like Mark, to review suggested energy upgrades and make sure the upgrades compliment the historic home. Jennifer and the Heritage Commission also review applications of homes that may be included on the registry.  The commission also advises homeowners about proper ways of weatherizing historic homes to extend the life of the house and improve historic integrity. “Houses are built to work as a system and take into consideration airflow, breath-ability and insulation. When you change out individual elements it can disrupt the way the system was designed to work. For example, if a homeowner inappropriately replaces siding that does not allow a 100-year-old home to breathe as it was designed to, mold and decay can result,” said Some upgrades require a permit by the City of Olympia. If an historic home owner requests a permit, that permit must be reviewed by the Heritage Commission before it is approved. The commission will make sure that the upgrade does not hurt the integrity of the home. For example, roof replacement, siding and window replacement need permits. Each of these upgrades can be done properly, but guidance is needed. “My first question to home owners is ‘What are you trying to achieve?’ I will help you meet your goals of comfort, cost reduction and aesthetics without damaging the historic resource. Historic homes retain their value more than non-historic homes. We try and preserve your return on investment,” she said. Now, let’s get back to Mark and his home. He completed the home energy audit and was familiar enough with the requirements of the Heritage Commission to know how to proceed. “The first thing we did was de-commissioned the oil heating system and replaced it with a duct- less heat pump. Next, we had our attic air sealed. Then, we had dense-packed cellulose insulation added to the attic floors. We immediately noticed a huge difference in comfort as well as lower energy bills,” he said. At one point Mark also replaced a large single-pane front window to a double-paned energy efficient window with aluminum cladding and wood interior. “The Olympia Heritage Commission is a great resource to make sure upgrades are period correct,” he said. There are numerous examples in the South Capitol neighborhood of homes that have had window retrofits that comply with historic home requirements. Vendors such as EcoWoodworks are experts at improving the efficiency of a home while preserving the homes historic integrity. In 2009 Mark’s home was put on the historic registry, and you can see the commemorative plaque by their front door. Today, Mark and his wife are pleased with their home and all they have achieved, but they have other upgrades in mind. “Thurston Energy has some great rebates available right now that we plan to take advantage of. We want to insulate the floor and install a new water heater that takes advantage of the rebates as well as green energy tax incentives,” he said. Jennifer loves the enthusiasm of homeowners like Mark. She repeats a saying that was developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation & Green Lab: ‘The greenest home is the one that is already built.’ “I would like to see the community view the Heritage Commission as a way for us to take care of our historic homes. The owners are caretakers of this important community resource and should have as much support as possible,” summarized Jennifer. Jennifer and Mark, through their work preserving historic homes are reducing our energy consumption while preserving character-rich neighborhoods, a plus for all of Thurston County. Jennifer.

- Mark R.


Hi Dave and Tom and Crew!


Today the Heritage Commission did a tour of Rainbow Health Clinic.  The quorum was three architects.  They LOVED your windows and spent quite a bit of time admiring your work and techniques.  They had never seen muntin's so successfully restored.  They were impressed by the spacers between the panes to complete the multi pane look.


- Teresa


We have a 100 year old Colonial Revival with its features intact.  It is a significant house on the city Historic Register, so it is important to maintain its original details. Eco-Woodworks and Dave King replicated and replaced exterior balustrades and trim that had been missing. Many of the original doors and windows had some repairs and new weather stripping installed. This house with it's many single pane wood windows is now very warm and draft-free...even a large room that is all glass window wall on three sides, it is one of the most comfortable rooms in the house...proof that old windows can be efficient. The house has most of it's its original 1936 operating exterior shutters.  Eco-Woodworks repaired some and restored others.  Today, the house looks exactly as it did when new because of the careful work Eco-Woodworks did...this generated a Restoration Award from the city of Olympia.

- David G


Hi Eww team,


The dining room windows look spectacular! It was thrilling driving up to the house and see them in and standing inside getting the full impact is breathtaking. Thank you, they’re beautiful!


- Marilyn




We are very much enjoying the new windows, and look forward to for years to come.  A special thanks to Devin for his great work with the installation. Noticing the gap caused by the odd shaped piece was a great catch, and addressing it by having a new piece cut that same day was very appreciated. Thankful as well for his finishing touches in getting everything cleaned up nicely and the shades reinstalled.


- Carl.

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